(143041488135)VGA Male To HDMI HDTV Output Adapter 1080P HD TV Audio Video AV Cable Converter [VGA Male To HDMI/Audio/Micro Adapter]

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This product can be PC, notebook, DVD player with VGA signal, through the smart chip processing, the device connected to HDMI Interface HD display device, is a kind of analog signals into digital signals HD converter, enjoy the HD video feast.

All the way VGA analog video + analog audio signal input; standard HDMI digital signal output.

Support VGA video input formats: VGA, XGA, SVGA, SXGA, UGA.

Support audio formats: analog stereo 2.1 (FL / FR).

HDMI output format: up to 1080P / 60Hz (output and input format synchronization, frequency synchronization).

Support HDCP 1.2 version.

Easy to install, no driver required, plug and play.

Low power consumption, external USB to Micro power cable.

High-grade aluminum alloy shell, black appearance, simple and generous

Small size, mobility, easy to carry out.