Coolink Anti Vibration Bolts, Gummi Upphängning för Fläkt Blå, 12st i Förpakningen

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Kategori: Kylkomponenter / GummiUpphängning
Tillverkare: Coolink
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12 pcs per package

Did you know that minor vibrations emitted by fans can cause a significant, droning noise when transmitted to the case?

Coolink's ultra-soft, highly durable Anti-Vibration Bolts effectively decouple the fans from the case and thereby help to reduce the system's overall noise emission

Extra-soft silicone for optimal decoupling
Highly durable and tearproof
Compatible with all fans and cases with standard mounting holes
Easy installation and removal
12 Anti-Vibration Bolts for up to 3 fans

Size (mm) (H) 26 mm
Material Silicone